Learn The Spiritual Habits Perspective Paradigm: Release The 3 Things All Unhappy People Hold On To

Change your perspective and you change your life. Watch Eric Zimmer teach a transformational Spiritual Habit that his private clients use to move through life with more ease and less struggle. 


Three Things You Need To Know…

Spiritual Principles

are rooted in ancient wisdom that is taught across spiritual traditions to enable us to touch back into a deeper part of ourselves and life where the most liberating and lasting gifts reside.

Behavioral Principles

are rooted in the science of behavior change which is based on research that informs how we create sustainable habits considering the nature and mechanics of human tendencies, inclinations, and basic neuroscience.

Spiritual Habits

combine the science of behavior change with the wisdom of spiritual principles to help you apply these powerful teachings to your daily life so that you embody and experience the deep and abiding gifts that they have to offer.


Who IS Eric Zimmer?

I am a dad, an entrepreneur, host of the award-winning podcast, The One You Feed, and I have coached private clients for over 20 years on how to successfully and sustainably make the changes in their lives that they want to make. 

I’ve been meditating and doing deep spiritual work for over 25 years. I’m currently enrolled in the Spiritual Guidance Training Institute’s program to become a certified Interfaith Spiritual Director (expected graduation early 2021) and am a practicing student of Zen Buddhism. Through my work with private clients as well as delivering in-person and online workshops, I help people who have familiarity with spirituality and mindfulness but can’t figure out how to apply it to their life to develop simple, actionable Spiritual Habits so they feel calmer, more at ease and more fulfilled in their lives. 



What My Past Spiritual Habits Students Have To Say:

The spiritual side of my life is a part of me that I don’t want to let slide. And when I do let it slide, I’m not as happy and the rest of my life seems more chaotic. But if I do take that small amount of time to incorporate it in on a daily basis, everything else seems to go better.  Participating in The Spiritual Habits Program was good for me and it helped me realize how to have a meditation practice, for example. One that I can actually keep up with – and have ever since the program. 

Anne, New Jersey

For me, Spiritual Habits help me maintain contact with my higher power; in other words, getting out of myself and connecting with something bigger than myself. I need to intentionally put things in my life to make that happen and that’s what Spiritual Habits do. I keep coming back to the lesson about how to be a friend to yourself and the practical tips on how to do that throughout the day, even when life feels like chaos.

Dave, Ohio

My goal when I started The Spiritual Habits Program was to put more space between a stimulus and my reaction and that is happening now. I feel that I am not as quick to react. I use the practices I’ve learned in The Spiritual Habits Program as I’m trying to decide whether or not to react to something in the moment. The program is wonderful. I feel that it was a very good value because I can see that Eric put a huge amount of time and effort into creating and delivering it. I feel like I definitely got my money’s worth.  I’ve benefited a lot from the program and I know other people will as well.

Mel, New Hamphsire


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